Athina Onassis

Athina Onassis saga: Doda in 8-year relationship with high class escort, former Onassis spokesperson says!

The tumultuous relationship and divorce between Athina Onassis and her former husband Alvaro De Miranda Neto (Doda) is expected to take yet a new turn, after Alexis Matheakis, a spokesperson and advisor for the Onassis family for years and close aid to her father Thierry Russell, left a snippet of bombshell revelations he intends to include in his upcoming book.

A new love affair for Athina Onassis?


A year after her divorce, Athina Onassis seems to have found love again.

New publication shows Aristotle Onassis’ golden heir to be in love with an Italian millionaire.

Romance is still at its early stages Athena is trying to keep this relationship as far away as possible not only from the spotlight but also from the eyes of those close to her.

Athina Onassis poses with her husband and their dog

Athina Onassis seems that she has become more extrovert than she was before as we often see photos of her and her family.

The granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis does not have her own account on social media, but we learn about her life through her husband’s Instagram account.

In a recent photo, Athena poses smiling while Doda is holding in his arm their dog.