Czech Opposition Takes Anti-Populist Unity for a Test Drive

Ivan Bartos (l), leader of the Pirate Party, stands next to Vít Rakušan (R), leader of the Mayors and Independents party. Photo: Pirate Party Polarised

Polls published through September suggest that the twin coalitions are close to securing a combined 43.5 per cent of the vote, which could be just enough to win 101 of the 200 seats in parliament's lower house.

Democracy Digest: Ballot Box Bromance

The local press was full of complaints over the tightly controlled event, which Orban stressed had definitely no connection to the upcoming election in Czechia but was merely a standard state visit. Naturally, then, the two premiers refused to take questions, but treated the few journalists admitted to an hour-long chat.

Four Months Before Election, Stork’s Nest Returns to Haunt Czech PM

The charges centre on a 50-million-koruna (2 million euros) subsidy granted to the Capi hnizdo (Stork's Nest) leisure resort, which sits around 50km south of Prague, in 2007. Police suspect that Babis hid Agrofert's ownership of the resort in order to access the subsidy, for which only small companies were eligible.

When Serbia helps an EU member state - "Incredible gift" PHOTO

The plane was escorted from Belgrade by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Czech Ambassador to Serbia Tom Kuchta.
At the session on May 20, the Government of Serbia decided that Serbia should give the Czech Republic 100.000 "Pfizer-BioNTech" vaccines as a sign of solidarity with the citizens of that country in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic.

Vucic: "Everything went well until we finally put two and two together" VIDEO

The President thanked Babis for his hospitality and pointed out that our exports and imports rates are growing. "We talked about everything: about vaccination, what we can do for Czech companies...", said Vui in a conversation with the media.
President Vui added that among the topics of conversation in Prague was the dialogue between Belgrade and Pritina.

Explosion in Czech Ammunition Depot Which Triggered Tensions with Russia - Planned for Bulgaria

The Czech Republic called on EU and NATO allies to expel Russian diplomats, as Prague's diplomatic relations with Moscow continued to deteriorate.

Prague identified the intelligence officers, and demanded they leave the country over links to an explosion at a privately-operated arms depot in 2014.

Czech Republic Expels 18 People from Russian Embassy in Prague

The Czech Republic is expelling 18 Russian diplomats over suspicions that Russian intelligence services were involved in an ammunition depot explosion in 2014, its government said on Saturday.

The central European country is a NATO and EU member state, and the expulsions and allegations have triggered its biggest row with Russia since the end of the communist era in 1989.

Democracy Digest: Sputnik Vaccine’s Political Side Effects

The Slovak-born Babis is well aware that a delivery of Sputnik V just helped depose the prime minister of his mother country, but he's also eyeing his rapidly dwindling popularity ahead of the Czech elections in October and the likelihood that he'll have to rely on Zeman's Machiavellian manoeuvres if he wants to head the next government.