Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s democratic process is a democracy at work

Ever since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took over, both he and his coalition partners as well as the country itself have come under unprecedented and vicious attacks, with accusations of radicalism, right-wing extremism and apartheid being thrown their way without any evidence and without any due process, let alone facts.

Netanyahu again Pushed Aside Negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel launched New Strikes in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated his vision for a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue, but with limited military sovereignty and possibly only possible after his country achieves peace with more Arab countries - particularly Saudi Arabia.

Greece seeks stronger relations with Israel

With Greek-Israeli relations deepening in recent years, Athens wishes to continue on this course.

To this end Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will travel to Jerusalem on Monday for talks with his counterpart Eli Cohen, who took office three weeks ago.

Although not yet finalized, it is possible that Dendias will also be received by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.