Children ‘Invisible’ in Serbia’s Response to Domestic Abuse

"Children are not sufficiently recognised as victims in the context of gender-based violence because it is not sufficiently recognised how violence affects children's emotional, physical, psychological development, their behaviour and the process of socialisation," Padejski Sekerovic told BIRN.

Kosovo’s Street Kids: Neglected at Home, and by the State

A lack of capacity in social welfare centres means that many children - mainly from Kosovo's Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities - are left to fend for themselves, forced into work from an early age despite the dangers. Despite the odd police operation against human traffickers or abusive parents, Kosovo's state institutions largely turn a blind eye.

NATO Fighter ‘Tracked Serbian Plane in Russian Airspace’, Vucic Claims

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday night said Russian air traffic control had told him that a NATO fighter jet tracked an Air Serbia passenger plane within Russian airspace on Wednesday near the Latvian border.

Making it clear he accepted the Russian claim, Vucic said Serbia would seek additional information from Russia and from NATO.

A Grudging Vote for Fidesz in Hungary’s Poorest Regions

In the past, Anna and Karoly say, the town was full of theatre and music festivals, among other cultural activities. Now, a new football stadium has become a substitute for cultural life. They are vocal about the lack of job opportunities and polluted air, which carries a pervasive stench of apathy and hopelessness.

March in Support of Ukraine Planned in Montenegro

Ukrainians march in Kyiv amid tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border. Photo: EPA-EFE/SERGEY DOLZHENKO

Ukraine's Consul in Podgorica, Mykhailo Shmatov, told BIRN that similar marches were being organised by the Ukrainian diaspora worldwide, stressing that the rally in Podgorica has no provocative intentions.