Serbia Criticised for Deporting Bahrain Dissident, Defying European Court

Sonja Toskovic from the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights said that Serbia breached international and domestic human rights obligations by deporting a Bahraini national to his home country despite an interim ruling by the European Court of Human Rights saying that the extradition should be postponed until the Strasbourg court completes its proceedings in the case on February 25.

Missing Millions: Albanian Parties Underreport TV Election Ad Spending

The CEC, which is tasked with auditing the reports, is still crunching the numbers from the last election, which returned the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Edi Rama for an unprecedented third term in government.

But data from the financial reports seen by BIRN, compared with the going rate for political advertising on television, gives cause for suspicion.

Photographer Portrays Pain – and Hope – of Refugees Reaching Albania

Supported by Caritas Albania, UNHCR and Caritas Austria and Caritas Italy, a new exhibition in Tirana called "The Dreams We Carry" shows portraits of refugees that have come to Albania. Most of the pictures were taken at border points, mostly at the Greek-Albanian border called Kapshtica, at nearby refugee reception centres.

Bosnian Authorities Fail to Remove Murals of War Criminals

Former High Representative Valentin Inzko, who was the senior international official in Bosnia and Herzegovina, responsible for overseeing the continuing implementation of the peace deal that ended the 1992-95 war, said before his term in office ended in July this year that local authorities should remove such murals and graffiti from public spaces after he imposed legislation banning the glori

Belarusians in Poland Reflect on Ebb of Anti-Lukashenko Revolution

"But the circle was closing in on me and my friends," Belkevich tells BIRN. "The KGB started coming to our houses to checkup on us. Then one day, I got a notification from the police telling me to show up at the station for interrogation that Friday. That's the moment I realised it was time to go."

Serbian Former Police Official’s Arrest ‘Politically Motivated’ – Lawyer

The arrest last Friday in Serbia of Dijana Hrkalovic, a former state secretary at the Interior Ministry, who has been linked to a notorious crime gang, the "Janjicari", is politically motivated, and she is being used as a scapegoat, Sead Spahovic, her lawyer, told BIRN.