PM Ponta invites Liberal leaders to dialogue on electoral system, national security package, transport masterplan

Victor Ponta, Romania's Prime Minister and chairman of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD), announced on Monday at the beginning of the sitting of the party's National Standing Bureau, that he intends to address the leaders of the National Liberal Party (PNL) a letter inviting them to jointly sit down to discuss the five themes considered to be essential at this moment - the revision of th

PM Ponta: President Basescu, Opposition leaders sabotage Romania's interest in winning important EC portfolio

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday called 'the most shameful moment possible to Romania' the fact that President Traian Basescu and the leaders of the Opposition 'have sabotaged Romania's interest in having an important portfolio in the incoming European Commission.'

Democrat Liberal head Blaga: Name of new party from PDL-PNL merger is PNL

Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) chair Vasile Blaga on Thursday announced that the new party to result from the merger between the Liberals and the Democrat Liberals will keep the name of the National Liberal Party (PNL), and it will use PDL's traditional headquarters in Modrogan Alley 1, Bucharest.

Blaga: PDL and PNL to submit simple motion to Parliament on political interference in justice

PDL (Democratic Liberal Party) and PNL (the National Liberal Party) on Wednesday will submit to the Deputies Chamber a simple motion about the political interference in the justice system, in which they especially refer to the Duicu case [Adrian Duicu, chief of the Mehedinti County Council, accused of corruption], PDL chairman, Vasile Blaga said in the end of the meeting of the St

PDL leader Blaga after meeting with IMF: We request suspension of gas price liberalization

President of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, in opposition) Vasile Blaga stated, on Wednesday, following the meeting with the joint International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB) and European Commission (EC) delegation, that the Democrat Liberals and Liberals demand the suspension of the gas price liberalization.

Blaga: PNL, PDL merger possible before 2016 parliamentary elections

The Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, in opposition) chairman Vasile Blaga said on Wednesday a merger of his party with the National Liberals (PNL, in opposition) could be possible before the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2016, provided the analyses to be made show the two parties can garner more votes than if running separately.

2014EP Blaga regarding PDL exit-poll results: Acceptable percentage, could have been better

PDL chairman Vasile Blaga has stated on Sunday that his party's results in the exit-polls are acceptable, but they could have been better, because he hoped for a larger turnout, especially in the areas where, traditionally, PDL fares better.