Bob Menendez

Apostolakis: US Senate East Mediterranean Security Act boosts Greece’s regional role

Defence Minister Evangelos Apostolakis, the former Chairman of Greece's Joint Chiefs of Staff, has welcomed the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 as a move that confirms and upgrades Greece's strategic role in the broader region.

Bi-partisan US Senate Act to end arms Cyprus embargo, offers aid to Greece

A bi-partisan bill - Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 - tabled in the US Senate by Bob Menendez (Dem. - New Jersey) and Mark Rubio (Rep. - Florida) provides for the lifting of the arms embargo on Cyprus, military aid to Greece, and support for the trilateral Greece-Cyprus-Israel energy and defence cooperation.

US Senator Menendez: Closer to lifting Cyprus arms embargo

Cyprus's Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulides concluded his three-day visit to Washington having discussed matters such as the arms embargo on Cyprus implemented by the US since 1987, security and energy issues and the Cyprus problem in meetings with Senator Bob Menendez and Undersecretary of State for political affairs David Hale, with Menendez expressing the view that "we are get

A good day for Hellenism in America

The midterm elections in the United States on Tuesday were a good day for Hellenism in America. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, widely seen as an ally of Greece and Cyprus for over two decades, was re-elected to a third term, while the number of Americans of Greek descent in the House of Representatives also increased.

The Greek lobby and the re-election of an influential senator

Americans go to the polls in five days' time for the midterm elections, in which they will not be voting for a president but for all the seats in the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. As in any electoral battle of this kind, there are a number of candidates who are more positively inclined toward Greece and whose election could prove instrumental for this country.