Boris director says no ownership change finalised yet

Ljubljana – Boris Tomašič, executive director of, has commented on reports that he has acquired a stake in the media company running the news channel Nova24TV from Hungarian owners by saying that no transaction has been finalised yet. He said the company was a target of political pressure by the ruling coalition. “The information you have is inaccurate.

Slovenia wants professionals working abroad to return, event hears

Brdo pri Kranju – Slovenian scientists and business people living and working abroad came together in Brdo pri Kranju for their annual meeting on Thursday. Government representatives addressing the event underlined the importance of sharing in the knowledge gained abroad and expressed worry about brain drain.

Extremists Benefit from Radical Narratives Spread by Some Slovak Politicians

Nurturing 'pub talk'

The popularity of Robert Fico, the former prime minister and chair of the social democratic Smer party who is currently an opposition MP, has received a boost lately. While only 19 per cent of voters trusted him in November 2020, that figure had risen to 29 per cent by September, according to a poll by Focus.

15th Mountain Film Festival kicks off

Domžale – The 15th Mountain Film Festival starts on Monday in Domžale near Ljubljana, featuring 33 films from 19 countries in four categories: mountaineering, climbing, mountain nature and culture, and sports and adventure. The festival, concluding on Sunday, will bring a plethora of productions on wild animals and epic stories from the Himalayas.

Rapid rise in input prices troubles Slovenian industry

Ljubljana – Rapidly rising prices of inputs are causing problems world-wide, with Slovenian industry affected as well. Gregor Ficko, director of the Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry, told the STA that the demand for inputs is particularly acute in construction and the timber industry.

May 24 – Day of Slavonic Letters and Literature

As you may probably know, Bulgaria is the only country in the European Union that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Our entry into the EU in 2007 made Cyrillic the third official alphabet in the EU after the Latin and Greek ones. On May 24th we celebrate the Slavonic Literature and Culture. We also honor the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet - the brothers St. Cyril and St.