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UK wants to work with Turkey to meet demand for medical equipment: Ambassador

The coronavirus pandemic has created a huge demand in countries for certain sorts of medical equipment and much of this is manufactured in Turkey, British Ambassador to Ankara Dominick Chilcott has told Hürriyet Daily News, expressing his country's will to further cooperate with Turkey to meet the demand in the two countries.

Accusations from Great Britain: China has concealed coronavirus data

UK Minister Michael Gove has accused China of concealing real data regarding the spread of coronavirus, Sputnik reports.
"The first case of the virus was registered in China in December last year, but reports from China were incomplete even then, with no clear indication of the origin and how contagious it was", Gove said.

Latest on the coronavirus: Worldwide deaths exceed 14,000

More countries imposed lockdown measures as coronavirus cases across the globe ballooned, led by a sharp rise in infections in Europe. Italy banned travel within the country, nearly one in three Americans were ordered to stay home and New Zealand said it will move to its highest alert level imposing self-isolation. 

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UK: Life in an open-air ‘herd immunity’ lab

When I first heard the term "herd immunity", the U.K. government's former alleged policy of creating a coronavirus-immune society by deliberately letting the virus spread, the first idea that popped into my mind was this: Well I came to study here, but I am part of a herd now. I felt like a rat in an open-air laboratory, waiting to get infected.

UK Closes Schools over COVID-19

The country opposes to the introduction of radical measures.

The UK closes schools because of COVID-19. The country is opposed to the introduction of radical measures applied by its neighbours. But the government acknowledged that the infection was growing faster than expected and further restrictions were needed.