Boyko Rashkov

The US on Bulgaria in 2022: Impunity and Corruption, Problems with Media Freedom

The US State Department's new 2022 annual human rights report says the Bulgarian government's efforts to address corruption and human rights abuses are "insufficient."

The report said steps had been taken to investigate officials accused of human rights abuses and corruption, but there was a problem of impunity.

Bulgaria: Asen Vassilev is Proposed for New Prime Minister

Two important political plots await an outcome today - who will be the candidate of "We Continue the Change" for prime minister in the new attempt to form a government and how will Bulgaria react to Moscow's ultimatum to cancel the unprecedented decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and officials from Bulgaria the embassy.

Bulgaria: Gendarmerie around Parliament for Today’s No Confidence Vote Debate

With reinforced security and gendarmerie with heavy equipment in the National Assembly, the debates on the requested vote of no confidence in the government of Kiril Petkov began.

The perimeter of the fences has been extended to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Bulgaria is Strengthening the Defense of its Borders

The Bulgarian Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov plans to significantly increase the number of border guards. He has submitted a proposal for changes in the structural regulations of the Ministry of Interior, which create an opportunity to use the reserve of unallocated staff for the needs of the General Directorate of Border Police.

More than 6,000 Bulgarians have been Fined for Failing to Comply with Anti-Epidemic Measures in 2021

More than 6,000 people have been fined for failing to comply with anti-epidemic measures in 2021. This is stated from a written answer of Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov to a question from GERB MP and former Interior Minister Hristo Terziiski.

The New Cabinet: Geshev asked the President to Discuss Changes to the Prosecution

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, who yesterday made public accusations of violations of the law against Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, appeared in the National Assembly today for the oath of the new government. On the sidelines, he attacked Rashkov again, who is expected to be elected to the regular cabinet in a few minutes.

(UPDATED) Bulgaria: There will be a Government - Structure and Confirmed Ministers

A new structure with five deputy prime ministers and two new ministries envisions a government project being discussed by "We Continue Change", BSP, "There Is Such a People" and "Democratic Bulgaria" according to Dnevnik. Below is what the draft of the Council of Ministers looks like according to the information that has already been officially confirmed and who are the ministers in it.