Bozhidar Lukarski

Union of Democratic Forces Faces Leadership Challenge

Part of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) demanded change of leadership of the party and refused joining GERB.

Part of the Union in Sofia published on Facebook a declaration blaming the unsatisfactory result of Traycho Traykov during the presidential elections on a lack of clear support from the leadership of the party, especially from the leader Bozhidar Lukarski.

Bulgaria's Presidential Runoff Hinges on Endorsements from Failed Contenders

Bulgaria's second-largest opposition party DPS has said it throws its support behind the socialist-backed candidate in the presidential elections.

Rumen Radev has emerged as a winner of the first round, defeating Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's candidate Tsetska Tsacheva.

Bulgaria Ranks 1st in Europe, 3rd Worldwide in Direct Foreign Investments in Outsourcing

According to the annual ranking of Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Location Index 2015, Bulgaria is third in the world in terms of direct foreign investments attracted in the outsourcing sector and ranks first in Europe, stated Economy Minister Bozhidar Lukarski at the opening of the annual conference of the leaders of the European Outsourcing Association.