Brnabic with Wang Yi; "Our ambition to develop relations further is great"

Brnabic thanked China for the assistance that China provided to Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic in professional medical care, equipment and support in vaccination.
That, Brnabi added, only strengthened the iron friendship between the two countries, which is deepening with the project of building a factory for the production of vaccines by the Chinese company Sinopharm.

Crisis Staff session will take place on Tuesday. No new measures to be introduced?

"On Tuesday, we will discuss current topics, first of all again and again and again regarding vaccination and what else we can do," Brnabi said being hosted on TV Pink.
She stated that many countries shorten the period between the revaccination and the third booster dose from six months to five, which will be discussed at the meeting of the National Immunization Body.

Prime Minister of Serbia: People will start dying from the plague and cholera VIDEO

"The session will focus on the beginning of the school year. That is why we invited representatives of the teachers' union, the president of the high school forum and the president of the pediatricians' association to the session, who will address the public later," Prime Minister said.

The decision on the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine in Serbia is made

"Today, at 10 am, a session of the National Immunization Body will be held, which will give an opinion to the Crisis Staff on the third dose, and next week, the Crisis Staff will sit down and give recommendations," Brnabi told TV Pink.
Brnabic emphasized that a way must be found to additionally motivate people to get vaccinated.