Cameron Diaz

Who is the Youtuber who makes more money than Cameron Diaz?

Forbes gave a list of the world’s top-earning YouTube stars for 2015, and the winner is Felix Kjellberg – known as PewDiePie who earnt $12mln in the past year making more than Cameron Diaz. Aged just 25, he is known for his commentary as he plays video games. 40 mln subscribers adore him and advertisers flock like bees to honey!

Here’s what he has to say:

Cameron Diaz sticks up for sex: "It's healthy!"

She was married to rocker Benji Madden for less than two months. Cameron Diaz claims that sex plays an important part in her life. The 42-year-old actress, in an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine, said: “Having sex is healthy, and we should do it for various reasons”.


Cameron also spoke of the hard work she puts into her body: “It is extremely important to work out.”

Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock Tops Forbes Highest-Earning Actress List

Sandra Bullock is Hollywood's highest paid actress with estimated earnings of USD 51M over the past 12 months, Forbes Magazine said, Monday.

Bullock had a big hit last year with the box office success of Oscar-winning space drama Gravity, which won seven Academy Awards including best director for Alfonso Cuaron, and made more than USD 716M worldwide.