"We must not act on their request, as they didn't help us during air-raids on Serbia"

I wonder whether Serbia represents an energy power, so that everything depends on how we declare ourselves, we must look after our own interests. We have suffered a lot for the sake of others. Let's preserve relations with the EU and with Russia and China, because no one will defend us if they (Russia and China) stop defending us," Dacic told RTS.

Serbian Constitution amended VIDEO / PHOTO

Serbian Parliament passed bills amending the constitution and constitutional law, following January's referendum on the changes.
The Parliament session was held at 5 p.m. and the Act amending the Constitution of Serbia and the Constitutional Law for implementing the Act amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia were passed.

"If Vucic doesn't run, I will. It seems I'm coming out of a retrograde Mercury"

Dacic also referred to the decision that SPS and SNS run separately on the forthcoming parliamentary elections. "They told me the other day that retrograde Mercury is coming out of my Capricorn sign and that I will get lucky," Dacic joked in the morning program of Kurir Television and announced that the Assembly of Serbia would be dissolved on February 15.

The meeting of SNS and SPS on cooperation has started PHOTO

The meeting is being held at the headquarters of the Progressives in New Belgrade, and the meeting, in addition to SNS and SPS leaders, is attended by SNS Vice President Milos Vucevic, SNS Executive Board President Darko Glisic, SNS Main Board Vice President Aleksandar Sapic, SPS CSO President Aleksandar Antic.

"We will not allow ethnic cleansing of Serbs; the EU should declare itself"

Speaking about the tension at the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak, Dacic said that the real question is whether the European Union thinks that the Brussels Agreement from 2013 is in effect or not. He adds that all this seems to him like a test of Pristina to see how everyone will react to the "brutal violation of all the arrangements of the Brussels Agreement."

When we launched the initiative, there were 117 signatories, now 97, still declining

When we embarked on a diplomatic offensive, 117 countries recognized Kosovo. Now that number is at 97, Dacic said on TV Happy's talk show "Cyrillic" last night, stressing that it was a bad thing that we did not have diplomatic relations with some countries.