Dan Barna

USR's Barna: USR Deputies, Senators to submit their resignation to Parliament

USR (Save Romania Union) Deputies and Senators will submit their resignation to Parliament, on Tuesday, as they do not want to be part of those who will receive service pensions, the leader of this party, Dan Barna, made the announcement. "Service pensions defy the honest people in this country. Representing people's will is an honour, not a burden.

USR's Barna calls special pensions of lawmakers undue benefits, defiance

National chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR) Dan Barna says the bill under which special state pensions will be taxed 85% of the amount in excess of 7,000 lei solves part of the injustice, but the adoption of a proposal on the abolition of special pensions of lawmakers is also necessary. "Today, part of the injustice has finally been solved.

USR sends message of solidarity with Romanians in US, in the context of the social violence there

Bucharest, June 3 /Agerpres/ - The Save Romania Union (USR) has sent a message of solidarity with the Romanians in the United States on Wednesday in the context of social violence affecting several American states.

USR's Barna proposes consultations among parliamentary parties to establish election date

USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Wednesday said that setting a date for the local elections should be a "technical" decision and proposed "urgent" consultations between parliamentary parties on the issue, in the context in which, according to some sources, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) ruled as unconstitutional the normative acts regarding the extension of the local elec

USR's Barna: IntMin's decision, as wrong as it is popular

Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna believes that there is a risk that the special measures imposed by the pandemic to be "artificially prolonged" through the decision to send policemen to massively interact with the vulnerable categories. "The state of emergency should remain an exceptional measure and not be prolonged by any second more than needed.

USR leader Barna asks PM Orban for increased testing capacity, prolongation of social protection measures

Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna on Friday asked Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, on the occasion of a meeting the two officials had at the Government headquarters, to "stop local barons from further wasting the budgets they have at hand" and to increase the testing capacity for COVID-19 at national level.

Parliament meets for investiture of Citu Government

Parliament will meet in joint session on Thursday, at 16:00 hrs, for the investiture of the Government of Prime Minister designate Florin Citu. According to the joint rules of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, in order for the session in which the investiture of the government will be voted on to take place, the presence of 233 MPs is necessary.

PSD proposes postponement of consultations on local elections

Bucharest, March 8 /Agerpres/ - The Social Democratic Party (PSD) proposes the postponement of the consultations on local elections convened by Acting Prime minister Ludovic Orban, with the social-democrats arguing that "anyway there is no legal basis" and "one has to wait for the investiture vote for the Citu Government" as well as the urgent start of the discussions with the parties for the p

USR's Barna: Romania needs stable government; we must quickly end to political crisis

Bucharest, March 8 /Agerpres/ - Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna believes that Romania needs a government with full powers that can handle with responsibility and authority the situation generated by the spread of coronavirus. "Romania needs a stable government.