Daniel Alexandru Florea

Online messages posted by magistrates influence public perception of judiciary

Judges and prosecutors have to display poise and wisdom when posting online, because their opinions influence society's perception of the judiciary, reads one of the conclusions of a conference to release good practice guidance for magistrates using social media or online platforms.

IntMin Vela: Four new SMURD helicopters will be operated by experienced pilots, called in from reserve

Four new Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) helicopters will be operated by experienced pilots, called in from reserve, Interior Minister Marcel Vela has announced on Monday, in a press statement held in the presence of chief of Emergency Situation Department Raed Arafat.

MAI ceremony commemorating fallen heroes at Otopeni on 23 December 1989

Interior Minister Marcel Vela participated at the Ministry headquarters, on Monday, in a ceremony commemorating the gendarme heroes who died on 23 December 1989, at the "Henri Coanda" International Airport. A synod of priests have officiated a memorial service in memory of those who died then.

Balcony from where Ceausescu delivered his speech, his office, Securitate cells toured by thousands

Thousands of people toured the former building of the Central Committee (CC) of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) on Sunday, the current headquarters of the Interior Ministry (MAI), with people having access to spaces that were never open to the public - such as the arrest of the former Securitate, located in the basement of the CC, or the balcony from the first floor, where Nicolae Ceausescu

AGERPRES launches photo exhibition celebrating 30 years since Revolution in University Square passage

The photo exhibition called "This is how we conquered our freedom," including images of AGERPRES National News Agency's Archive was launched on Wednesday, in the University Square passage, a few hundred meters from the place where the barricade of anti-communist protesters was raised on the evening of 21 December 1989. "An anniversary exhibition is launched: 30 years since the Revolution.

PM Orban, on VAT reduction: PNL only endorses drafts voted in party's Executive Bureau

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said the National Liberal Party (PNL) doesn't endorse the draft on the VAT reduction, currently in parliamentary debate, pointing out that the draft, even if initiated by a Liberal, wasn't supported in the party's Executive Bureau.

UPDATE Report on August 10 events, declassified

Interior Minister Marcel Vela announced on Thursday that a report on the August 10 riot police intervention in a street protest in Bucharest was declassified and sent to the Department for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) to be used in a probe that started as a result of complaints filed by people involved.

Case file on gendarmes' intervention of August 10 to be declassified this week

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said the case file regarding the intervention of the gendarmes in the public protests of August 10 will be declassified this week. "It will be declassified this week and you will be updated on this action that will take place at MAI [Interior Ministry].

General Defence Staff flag decorated on 160th anniversary

The flag of Romania's General Defence Staff was decorated, on Tuesday with a Faithful Service Order in the rank of High Officer with war insignias for the military, on its 160th anniversary, in the presence of Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Nicolae Petrescu, and presidential adviser Ion Oprisan.