Davor Bozinovic

Joy as border gates open between Slovenia and Croatia

There was celebration and joy on both sides of the Slovenian-Croatian border as Croatia joined the Schengen area and adopted the euro on 1 January. More than 30 years after the countries broke away from Yugoslavia, their citizens are once again using the same currency and can cross the border freely.

Slovenia absolutely supports Croatia’s Schengen entry, minister says

Obrežje – Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar stressed as she met her Croatian counterpart Davor Božinović in Obrežje, east, on Monday that Slovenia absolutely supports Croatia’s entry into the Schengen zone. Božinović said this is in both countries’s interest, which Bobnar confirmed.

Croatian Police Investigate Threats to Columnist Over Vukovar Column

Croatian police say they are investigating death threats made to Boris Dezulovic, a well-known Croatian journalist and columnist, over a column he published recently deriding the official cult surrounding Vukovar - the eastern town besieged and occupied by Serbs in the war of independence - whose provocative title has raised hackles.

Johansson to broach issue of media freedom on visit to Slovenia

Brussels – European Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson will start a two-day visit to Slovenia on Thursday to discuss the country’s EU presidency preparations. She intends to raise the issue of media freedom and pluralism as well. Slovenia should not underestimate the risk to its international reputation when it comes to this, Johansson has told the STA.

Shock in Croatia

Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic has already announced new measures for Monday. "This week, we will specify some things so that we can announce the framework a few days before the decision expires, which is on the 21st," Bozinovic said.
Health Minister Vili Beros expects the death toll to start falling in just three weeks.