Dimitar Ivanov

New Investor Puts € 14 Million in Warehouse and Production Facilities in Bulgaria's Trakia Economic Zone

EUR 14 million will be invested by Balkan Agrikalcaral in a warehouse and production facility in Trakia Economic Zone in the land of the village of Kalekovets. This was announced by the mayor of Maritza Municipality Dimitar Ivanov and engineer Plamen Panchev, CEO of TEZ.

Three Bears Released in Central Balkan Park

Three brown bears were released in Central Balkan Park at a joint action of the eco-ministry and Four Paws Foundation.

The bears had a period of rehabilitation and survival training but they still have to be watched how they will adapt to nature. A similar action to rescue the bears and then return them to nature is done for the first time in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Army Helicopter Crashes, Killing Two Pilots

A Mi-17 military transportation helicopter crashed on Monday evening near Krumovo air force base close to Plovdiv in central Bulgaria, killing both pilots, Captain Plamen Panteleev, 48, and Captain Stoyan Nedelchev, 45.

A third person on board, engineering officer Alexei Kamenov, survived the crash and was severely injured, but managed to crawl out of the wreck.

Former Executive Director of Irrigation Systems EAD Charged with Malfeasance in Office

The Prosecuting Magistracy charged former executive director of Irrigation Systems EAD Dimitar Ivanov with inflicting BGN 2,986,355  detriment on the state-owned company resulting from the conclusion of four disadvantageous contracts for legal services between November 2013 and November 2014, and embezzling BGN 6,056  in the form of a mobile handset and two laptop computers.

Protest Held in Bulgarian Village over Migrant Center Plans

Several hundred people have demonstrated against government plans to accommodate migrats near the village of Boyanovo, Southern Bulgaria.

Officials intend on using the premises of the old barracks near the village to make room for arriving migrants, as the operated by the State Agency for Refugees have run out of free beds.

River in Southern Bulgaria Bursts Dike, Threatens to Flood Village, Motorway

The river Stryama burst a dike on the territory of Maritsa municipality in southern Bulgaria, threatening to flood the nearby village of Trilistnik and Trakia Motorway.

Urgent measures have been taken to reinforce the breached dike, Focus news agency reports.

US Sensata Constructs Second Manufacturing Plant in Bulgaria

The US company Sensata, which is a leading supplier of sensors and controls, is constructing its second manufacturing plant in Bulgaria.

The mayor of Maritsa municipality Dimitar Ivanov explained that the first stage of the plant will become operational in June and will employ 1500 people, the news website Dnevnik reports.