Dimitris Koufontinas

Greek Police Accused of Violence at Education Bill Protests

Police in Greece have been criticised after videos circulated on social media of officers violently pushing and shoving photojournalists covering a protest against a new bill for universities on Wednesday.

The photojournalists' union said riot police beat up a member of the union who had been reporting on the protests.

17N leader Giotopoulos can apply for release from prison under new penal code

Under the terms of the new penal code (Article 110A) passed in parliament by the ruling party recently and which is in effect as of 1 July, the convicted leader of the 17N terrorist group Alexandros Giotopoulos and other prominent members can apply for release from prison under the condition that they wear a prison bracelet.

US chides Greece over Koufodinas furlough, delays in new ID cards

Greece remained "a cooperative counterterrorism partner in 2017," the US State Department said in its annual "Country Reports on Terrorism" published on Wednesday, but went on to slam the decision to grant prison leave to convicted terrorist  Dimitris Koufodinas and delays in issuing new biometric identification cards.

Prison leave to November 17 terrorist group member Koufontinas causes uproar

The decision by the board of the maximum security prison Korydalos to grant a 2-day leave to Dimitris Koufontinas, one of the key figures of the notorious extreme left terrorist group “November 17”, which was responsible for a string of high profile assassinations of politicians, diplomatic attaches and businessmen, has caused a political firestorm with the leader of major opposition party New