Dobrica Cosic

NIN Award to Sasa Ilic for the novel "The Dog and the Double Bass"

This year's shortlisted novels include: Milenko Bodirogic "Through the Woods and the Mountains" ("Orfelin"), Slobodan Tisma "The Terror or …" ("The Magic Book"), Steva Grabovac "Mulat albino Mosquito" ("Imprimatur"), Ana Vuckovic "Yugoslavia" ("Partisan Book") and Sasa Ilic's "The Dog and the Double Bass" ("Orfelin").

Vucic: Only Cosic, Djindjic and I have presented a plan on resolving the Kosovo issue

"Just remind me of a single plan of any of my political opponents, except from opposing anything that I propose", Vucic told to the press.
"Their plans comes to this - 'it is all ours and will remain ours'... Don't lie to the people, act in a responsible way... It is easy to cater to people's feelings, but I have zero respect for such people", Vucic said.

Targeting ‘Turks’: How Karadzic Laid the Foundations for Genocide

The regime of Radovan Karadzic was not totalitarian in the sense that Nazism or Stalinism were; yet it was a regime that existed solely for the purpose of murder - the physical annihilation of non-Serbs, or more specifically, Bosnian Muslims.

Let me quote from Karadzic's court verdict a description of some of the events that took place in Rogatica in eastern Bosnia during the war:

"Those who live in enclaves don't think it's part of Serbia"

But Pristina has some things that "must be dine," Dacic told Prva TV on Wednesday morning.

According to him, "there will no better time for resolving the Kosovo issue."

Dacic said that talks will be intensified in the next few months in an attempt to find a lasting solution for the status of Kosovo and Metohija.

He says there are two reasons for that.