Dorina Matis

Castles, mansions, historical estates can attract innovation, tourism to Mures Valley

The castles, mansions and historical estates of Mures County have a great potential to become catalysts for innovation and tourism in the Mures Valley, but for this a common vision, regional co-operation, community involvement and political support is needed, says the National Heritage Institute (INP) as a conclusion of the debate under the INNOCASTLE Project organised in Mures County.

Romania's champion extrication team to compete in 2020 World Rescue Challenge

The team of the Horea Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) of Mures County, the winners of this year's National Extrication and Trauma competition organised in Craiova, will participate next year in the World Rescue Challenge in Miami, the U.S. "This is Romania's extrication champion team that will represent us next year at the World Rescue Challenge in Miami.

PMP's Pascan: Hungary, trying to stir up new inter-ethnic tensions in Romania

The Executive Chairman of the People's Movement Party (PMP), MP Marius Pascan, says that, in the pre-election campaign for the presidential elections, Hungary is allegedly trying to stir up new inter-ethnic tensions in Romania in order to mobilize the Hungarian electorate to support the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and that it is necessary to wisely avoid the provocations, close

USR's Barna: Romania should overcome ethnic cleavage, with each voting for their ethnicity

Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman Dan Barna in Targu Mures on Saturday has said that Romania should overcome this "ethnic cleavage" in which each one votes for his/her ethnicity and that in a civilised, modern and educated Romania the ethnic matter should no longer be relevant. "This is the example that USR is giving, we have both Romanians and Hungarians in a perfect and normal collaboration.

Romania to participate with six stands and 12 luthiers in world biggest violin fair Cremona Mondomusica

Over September 27-29, Romania will participate in Cremona Mondomusica, the largest world fair of violins, where it will bring six stands and, for the first time, 12 luthiers, the head of the Romanian Luthiers Association, Claudiu Mare, told AGERPRES on Tuesday.

Kelemen Hunor designated candidate of UDMR in presidential elections

The Council of Union Representatives (CRU) on Friday, in Targu Mures, designated Kelemen Hunor as the UDMR's (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) candidate in the presidential elections, as this was the single proposal made by the Consultative Council, with the slogan to be "Respect for all!." "Ever since 1996, we have always had a candidate in the presidential elections, although it is very

FUEN's Vincze Lorant: ProEtnica intercultural festival becomes important benchmark for Romania minorities

The president of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) MEP Vincze Lorant has congratulated the organisers of the 17th edition of the 'ProEtnica' intercultural festival of central Sighisoara (Mures County), unfolding until Sunday, since the manifestation has become an important benchmark for the minorities of Romania.

Protests on August 10 in several cities in Romania

Sibiu, Iasi, Brasov, Baia Mare, Constanta, Targu Mures, Bistrita, Galati are among the cities where people took to the streets on Saturday evening to express their discontent with the Government, with the fact that last year's incidents at the protests have not been elucidated and with the measures taken in the judiciary.

EduMin Andronescu: By future law technical high schools turn into dual technical ones

The National Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu on Tuesday said in central Targu Mures that in the near future the ministry will focus on turning all vocational schools into dual vocational ones and that by the future Education Law the technical high schools are to be turned into dual technical high schools.