Dragoljub Milanovic

Last Despatches: Serbian TV Workers Killed by NATO Strike

The RTS building after it was bombed by NATO on April 23. Photo: Srdjan Suki/EPA.

Minutes before a NATO missile hit the headquarters of Serbia's national broadcaster Radio-Television Serbia on March 23, 1999, TV engineer Dragan Sukovic left his offices on the fourth floor of the building to go down into the studio on a mezzanine where the news was being broadcast.

Landmark victory in freedom of expression case

The clients were broadcaster B92, its former journalist Nikola Radisic, and news and current affairs editor and chairperson of the Board of Directors Veran Matic, the Zivkovic Samardzic Law Office said, adding that its Technology, Media and Telecommunications Senior Associate and Head of Media Litigation Kruna Savovic led the team in this case.

NUNS, SINOS: Tragic warning to all journalists

BELGRADE - The Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) and the Journalists Union of Serbia (SINOS) have expressed their dissatisfaction over the failure to shed light on all aspects of the killing of 16 Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) media professionals and punish those who ordered it, and warned that, 16 years on, the murder remains an echoing, tragic warning that journalists

Flowers laid at memorial to 16 RTS employees killed in 1999

BELGRADE - The sixteenth anniversary of deaths of 16 Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) employees in the 1999 NATO bombing was commemorated Thursday by families and colleagues of those killed and the laying of wreaths at the memorial erected on the destroyed part of the national broadcaster's building in the center of Belgrade.

Fifteen years since death of 16 RTS employees

BELGRADE - April 23rd will mark 15 years since NATO's early- morning air strike on the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) which killed 16 of its employees.

Marking the anniversary on Wednesday, member of the Belgrade interim council Andrija Mladenovic will lay wreaths at the memorial “Why?" and pay respect to the victims, the city assembly announced.