Edi Rama

Merkel Hedges Bets on Albania’s EU Candidacy

Germany's leader has given a cautious thumbs-up to Albania's application to obtain EU candidate status, while declining to commit Germany one way or the other ahead of an important report.

“We treat countries on the EU path based on the reports coming from the European Commission,” Chancellor Merkel told a press conference in Berlin held with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Tony Blair’s Albania Mission Fails to Take off

“We remain in contact [with the Albanian government] and Mr Blair would of course still be happy to help, as both Albania and the region mean a huge amount to him, but there is no contract,” Cirian Ward a spokesperson for Blair told Balkan Insight.

“Any help would be done at no cost to the Albanian government,” Ward added.

Crime Revelations Force Albanian Officials to Quit

The logistics director in the port of Durres, Fisnik Myrtezaj, a recent appointment by the centre-left government of Edi Rama, resigned on Monday following accusations that he had a criminal record for drug trafficking.  

On Sunday, the opposition Democratic Party said Myrtezaj had been jailed in 2011 for three and half years for the crime.

Fule Urges Albanians to Unite Over EU

“Albania’s future is in the EU… but the political parties need to work together and efficiently,” Stefan Fule said in a joint press conference with Albania's centre-left Prime Minister, Edi Rama, on Thursday.

“The culture of confrontation does not help Albania’s EU integration process,” he added, referring to the country's history of fierce political disputes.

PM attends EBRD conference in London

PM Ivica Dačić participated in a high-level regional forum organized in London on Monday by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

He presented Serbia's results in the creation of favorable business and investment environment, emphasizing that no project can be implemented without stability of the region.

Albania Govt ‘Failed to Uphold Pre-Poll Promises’

Out of the 17 electoral promises made by the centre-left government of Prime Minister Edi Rama that Mjaft evaluated as part of its Truthometer project, seven were realised, seven were not realised, one was judged to be unmeasurable and two others were only party fulfilled.

Rama’s government took office in September, promising to usher in a ‘renaissance’ for Albania.