Ekrem İmamoğlu

Turkey’s opposition stuns Erdogan with historic win in local elections

Less than a year after securing another term, Turkish President Erdogan's Justice and Development Party suffered its worst defeat in its 22-year history in Sunday's municipal elections.

All eyes were on Istanbul, where Ekrem Imamoglu easily won reelection and is increasingly cementing his place as Erdogan's political challenger.

A new day for Turkey? Analyzing the surprising results of the Turkish local elections

"Today is truly a historic day for Turkey, a rare day of hope for our democracy and a new day for our country's political scene," 29-year-old Can Bucak tells Kathimerini English Edition in the aftermath of Sunday's local elections, his voice slightly cracking but still beaming with enthusiasm.

Turkish Opposition Claims Victory in Local Elections: Provisional Results Indicate Significant Shift

Provisional results from Turkey's local elections reveal a remarkable surge for the opposition, marking a significant shift in the country's political landscape. According to reports from BTA, incomplete tallies suggest a lead for the main opposition Republican People's Party (NRP) over the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).