Eleni Touloupaki

Prosecutor to testify next week over claims gov't official influenced Novartis probe

Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Ioannis Angelis, who has claimed that the leftist government influenced an investigation into an alleged bribery scandal involving the Swiss drugs manufacturer Novartis, is to be summoned next Friday by another Supreme Court deputy prosecutor, Dimitris Dasoulas, who has been appointed by the court's main prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou to probe his claims. 

Judiciary in turmoil due to handling of Novartis probe

Straight on the heels of Justice Minister Michalis Kalogirou's order yesterday that a disciplinary probe be launched against him, former Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis (who was supervisor of the corruption prosecutors handling the Novartis probe) has sent an open letter to the press outlining a long string of procedural violations and allegations that there were targeted prosec

Novartis affair looms over upcoming general election

For over one year the Novartis affair has fueled constant political tensions and it will be a central issue in the forthcoming general election, which is to be held by October at latest.

To Vima on Sunday reported yesterday that Corruption Prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki (photo) has told the Judicial Council that she expects the case to be wrapped up within the next six months.

Movement for Change declares Novartis case is a set-up

With one of its most prominent MPs, Andreas Loverdos, about to testify as a suspect in the Novartis case if his parliamentary immunity is lifted, the centre-left Movement for Change is charging that the entire affair is a conspiracy staged jointly by SYRIZA and the Karamanlis faction of New Democracy.

Prosecutors searching for evidence of politicians accepting bribes in Novartis case

The anti-corruption prosecutors who are dealing with the Novartis case are trying to find evidence of bribes being paid to politicians.

So far, there are only statements from the three protected witnesses linking politicians to the alleged bribes paid by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant to secure preferential treatment.