Elenko Bozhkov

Bulgaria will sign Agreements with the US and France for the Construction of 4 Nuclear Units at the sites in Kozloduy and Belene

The final signing of an engineering contract with the American company "Westinghouse" for the construction of two units at the site of the Kozloduy NPP is pending. This was announced by the acting Deputy Minister of Energy Elenko Bozhkov:

Expert: Electricity Prices will Increase by 15% if KEVR Approves CEZ Proposal

An average of 15 percent will increase household electricity prices if the energy regulator approves CEZ's proposal to increase the cost of electricity. The opinion expressed to Darik the energy expert and member of the strategic council to President Elenko Bozhkov.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev Creates Strategic Council

President Rumen Radev has set up a strategic council, an advisory body to the president tasked with drawing up strategic documents, positions, opinions, analyses, etc., the presidential press office said. The council will be chaired by Ivo Hristov, Chief of the Cabinet to the President, while deputy chairperson will be Nevin Feti, presidential adviser on legal affairs.

Power Price Hike as of October 1 in Bulgaria Is Inevitable – Watchdog Member

A power price hike as of October 1 is unavoidable, according to Elenko Bozhkov, member of Bulgaria's State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR).

The inevitability of an increase in electricity prices was echoed by caretaker Finance Minister Rumen Porozhanov, who suggested that the deficit incurred as a result of the inconsistent policy of DKEVR had to be compensated.

Bulgaria's DKEVR Ascribes 2690 Violations to Energy Distributors

Power distributors operating in Bulgaria committed 2690 infringements, as the national energy watchdog DKEVR's audit revealed Wednesday.

Czech-based CEZ and Energo-Pro and Austrian-based were also accused by DKEVR of having provided false accounts of their revenues, with the latter being "millions of BGN" more than reported, according to Dariknews.