Fatmir Limaj

Uncertainty Adds Tension to Kosovo Election Campaign

The shortest election campaign in Kosovo's history will end on Friday midnight - but experts warn that the battle for power is likely to become harsher in the final days.

Shpend Kursani, a political expert, said the campaign would likely get tougher, precisely because the outcome of the election was so uncertain.

EU Court in Kosovo Confirms Limaj Indictment

Rejecting the appeal, the EU-rule-of-law mission to Kosovo, EULEX, announced that the criminal case will proceed to main trial before the Basic Court of Pristina.

Fatmir Limaj is charged with organized crime, abusing his official position or authority, accepting bribes and non-declaration of received campaign money.

Kosovo Govt Faces No-Confidence Motion

Kosovo's opposition AAK party says it plans to submit a no-confidence motion to parliament on the government of Hashim Thaci “as soon as possible”.

Ardian Gjini, from the AAK, said the motion will be put forward once the party ensures it will be signed by 61 of the 120 lawmakers - the number needed to dissolve the government.