Federico Garcia Lorca

DuoDecim Scripta | Athens | December 8

Xenia Tselinga (bayan), Despo Varoudaki (guitar/mandolin) and soprano Roxani Papadimitriou will perform works by Sergei Prokofiev that link Boris Pasternak with William Shakespeare, Federico Garcia Lorca with Friedrich Nietzsche and Edgar Allan Poe with Leo Tolstoy at St Paul's Anglican Church in Athens on Thursday, December 8. Starts at 8.30 p.m.

10 movies with… real sex scenes

While the vast majority of films rely on body doubles and camerawork to accomplish the illusion of actual sex acts between characters, there are a handful of movies that skip the smoke and mirrors entirely. These movies all contain real sex scenes between their actors. Some of them are extremely explicit and others more subtle. But all of them are unsimulated.

Lie with me (2005)

Turkey’s ‘ostinato’ song

A few months ago, this column described Turkey as a piano partition composed by Philip Glass: “It finds beauty in itself by repeating itself.” Turkey’s song is repetitive, or ostinato, like in many children’s songs. But it’s hardly entertaining.