Romanian Crown Custodian: Greater Union, war outcome obtained with suffering, personal, national sacrifice

The Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta sent on Tuesday a message for the holiday season, urging Romanians not to forget that "The Greater Union and the war outcome were obtained with great suffering, with personal sacrifice and with national sacrifice" . "The year 2019 has looked to the past and to the future.

'Regele Ferdinand' frigate - the first Romanian military ship to call at Egyptian port of Alexandria

The frigate "Regele Ferdinand" arrived at the Egyptian port of Alexandria for a two-day call on October 28 and 29, which makes it the first Romanian military ship to moor in this port, the Romanian Navy General Staff (SMFN) said in a release on Tuesday.

Today Is the 111th Anniversary of Bulgaria's Declaration of Independence

The 111th anniversary of Bulgaria's declaration of independence is celebrated today. On that day in 1908, Prince Ferdinand proclaimed that Bulgaria was no longer a vassal principality of the Ottoman Empire. The political and financial dependence imposed on Bulgarians by European powers through the Berlin Treaty remains in the past.

Crown Custodian Margareta: We are for national reconciliation, this is what my father fought for

The Royal Family wishes a "national reconciliation", this being the objective King Mihai fought for, the Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta told AGERPRES in an interview. Prince Radu, in the same interview asserts that when the country is more divided, the Crown comes forth as "the single one that maintains a certain balance".

Patriarch Daniel: Great Union in Alba Iulia - celebration of freedom, unity and dignity of Romanian people

Alba Iulia, Dec 1 /Agerpres/ - The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Daniel, stated on Saturday in Alba Iulia, that the Great Union of 1918 is the 'celebration of freedom, unity and dignity of the Romanian people' and that all of Romania's citizens have the duty to keep and cultivate 'not only the gift of freedom, but that of national unity'.

#DiplomaticCentennial/Ambassador Dranga:Romania, Poland regional leaders wishing strong trans-Atlantic ties, deep bilateral relations with US

The joint celebration of the Centennial of Romania's Greater Union and the Independence Centennial of Poland offer the two states cooperation opportunities for emphasizing their modern history's reference moments, added to the Romania-Poland strategic partnership, the Romanian ambassador to Poland, Ovidiu Dranga, told AGERPRES in an interview.