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President Iohannis: Dear Romanians, wear mask, keep your distance, let's overcome this epidemic

President Klaus Iohannis called on Romanians on Wednesday to wear a mask and keep the physical distance between them, in the context in which a new record has been hit in terms of the number of infections with the novel coronavirus today. "Dear Romanians, today we've hit a new record with more than 1,400 persons found to be infected with COVID-19.

Israeli ambassador Saranga says anyone experiencing domestic violence must speak up

Israel's ambassador to Romania David Saranga said on Tuesday that during the coronavirus pandemic domestic violence had risen and showed that anyone experiencing it "must speak up" and take action. He made a donation consisting of household appliances and non-perishable food to the Casa Agar Maternal Centre of the Touched Romania Association.

COVID-19 cases in Romania following upward trend

The Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the official novel coronavirus communication task force, reported on Monday that infections with the novel coronavirus have lately been following an upward trend, stressing that compliance with health standards by as many citizens as possible represents the only guarantee that the coronavirus lockdown relaxation measures taken so far can be maintained an

Iohannis: "University Square" represents a testament we should cherish and respect

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that "University Square" represents a "testament that we must cherish and respect." "Today, 30 years since those bloody events, Romania is a rule of law, with a consolidated democracy, profoundly attached to the European and democratic values, and the civil society is categorically stronger and more consolidated.

Iohannis: We should point finger at people trying to manipulate public opinion so that they come around

President Klaus Iohannis resumed on Thursday a statement he had previously made about the position of some politicians in the context of the pandemic and stressed that his statement, which he says has been taken out of context, did not refer to patients or possible patients, but to public figures who have access to information, but are trying to manipulate public opinion.

President Iohannis: In front of disease you're either cautious or stupid, one of the two

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that some politicians are more interested in votes than in the health of Romanians, when they claim that specialists need to come with proof regarding the necessity of prolonging the state of alert.

Iohannis: Shopping malls, kindergartens, private nurseries could open after 15 June

Shopping malls, kindergartens and private nurseries could open after 15 June, within new relaxation measures that are to be taken, on Tuesday said President Klaus Iohannis. "Given that lately the number of new illnesses has not increased significantly, nor has it decreased significantly, we consider that it is possible to continue with some new relaxation measures, i.e.