George Passias

Priest porn: Tom Bouzalas, the husband, says foot fetish was just the icing on the cake

Tom Bouzalas, husband of the woman sexually embroiled with Father George Passias, broke his silence after the sex tapes featuring his Peruvian wife having “cake-crushing” sex were publicised. He states that the Greek Orthodox priest had a “serious problem with paraphilia”, and among his most serious urges was one to do with cake as well as a foot fetish.

Priest’s lover admits she was pregnant with his child and stole $30K from the church: Ethel’s letter

Ethel Bouzalas, aged 45, admits that sex with Father George Passias was just the tip of the iceberg in the sex scandal that’s rocked the Greek Orthodox Church of the United States to the core. In the latest development, she admits that she helped herself to $30,000 worth of tuition fees paid by the parents of St. Spyridon Parochial School.

Greek Orthodox church issues statement on fallen “cake porn” priest (Read full text)

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of the United States has issued a statement following the scandal that broke out concerning Washington Heights priest, Father George Passias, and adult female parishioner Ethel Bouzalas.

After the news story went viral in the international press with detailed description of the priest’s cake porn, the church elders write:

Greek Orthodox priest in the US brought down by “cake crushing” sex tapes (pics)

Father George Passias, aged 67, was forced to resign after kinky sex tapes were revealed. The married Greek Orthodox priest had for years denied involvement with 45-year-old Ethel Bouzalas, his married lover and much younger parish-school principal.