Georgia Adeilini

Supreme court prosecutor orders immediate investigation into organized crime activities

Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini issued an order on Wednesday for the immediate investigation of cases involving criminal organizations, money laundering, homicides, and other serious offenses linked to mafia networks on Mykonos, other Cycladic islands, as well as in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Eleven far-right MPs charged with electoral fraud 

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court has brought charges of electoral fraud against eleven lawmakers of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans) party, Kathimerini understands, in a case that could affect the parliamentary seats of the other parties. 

The charges do not include party leader Vassilis Stigas.

PASOK chief again lashes at government over Tempe disaster

Socialist PASOK leader Nikos Androulakis lashed out at the conservative government on Monday morning, ahead of a meeting with Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini where he is expected to call for an investigation to establish who was responsible for doctoring audio recordings that made it appear that the February 2023 Tempe railway disaster was caused by human error.

Request to cross-check lists of surveillance targets pending

A request by two prosecutors last year to check whether the 92 people targeted by illegal spyware Predator had also been surveilled by the country's intelligence service, EYP, remains pending four months after it was submitted to the independent authority responsible for privacy, ADAE.

Tempe rail crash: Top prosecutor urges scrutiny amid speculation

Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini has issued an order to the prosecutor's office in the appeals court of Larissa, in central Greece, which oversees the investigations into last year's deadly railway crash in the nearby Tempe Valley, to comprehensively clarify "every claim and every allegation" regarding the disaster to ensure there is no shadow over the investigation.

Parliament ethics panel agrees on lifting immunity of far-right MPs 

The Greek Parliament's Ethics Committee unanimously agreed on the lifting the immunity of 11 lawmakers of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans) party, following a request by the Supreme Court which is investigating accusations of electoral fraud during this year's legislative elections.

The request will not have to be submitted to the Parliament's plenary for a vote. 

Spartiates MPs under scrutiny for possible electoral fraud

Eleven MPs of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans) party have been summoned to provide explanations as suspects by Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini regarding their potential involvement in electoral fraud during this year's legislative elections. A request has already been made to Parliament to lift their immunity.

Expulsions, resignations bring Spartans to the brink

The far-right Spartiates (Spartans) party appears to be on course for dissolution after the fallout triggered by the accusations leveled by its president, Vassilis Stigas, at three of his deputies of being under the influence of "outside centers," and employing "Greek mafia and Don Corleone" practices.

By "outside centers" he meant jailed neo-Nazi Ilias Kasidiaris.