Giorgos Gerapetritis

European Commission to monitor upgrading of rail network

The European Commission will take part in the investigation into the causes of the deadly accident at Tempe on February 28, and also monitor the implementation of the contracts for the upgrading of the railway network, according to a decision on Tuesday during contacts made in Brussels by the minister of state, responsible for infrastructure and transport issues Giorgos Gerapetritis.

Commission wants to assist Greece in railway investigation and development

The European Commission wants to assist the Greek authorities in the official investigation into the causes of the Tempe railway disaster and in coming up with a railways framework that will be safer and more attractive to citizens, a government minister has said.

Former transport ministers summoned House meeting

In the wake of the deadly train collision in northern Greece on February 28, three former ministers of infrastructure and transport (Michalis Chrysochoidis, Christos Spirtzis, Kostas Karamanlis) along with incumbent Giorgos Gerapetritis will attend Parliament's Committee on Institutions and Transparency on Monday, which will convene following an initiative of ruling New Democracy's parliamentar

Rail experts’ visit helped identify areas where Greek government is seeking support, EU Commission says

The meetings of the European Commission's delegation of experts in Athens regarding the deadly rail crash at Tempi have now been concluded, Commission spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz said on Thursday in response to questions.

Greek railroad disaster: How and when will the trains get back on the tracks

With limited itineraries, lower speeds, fewer trains and stops and mandatory two stationmasters per shift at each station, the railway will be restarted after the tragic accident in Tempi. A basic condition for passenger services to start by the end of the month is to find a common ground with the workers, who rightly ask for increased safeguards to get back on the trains.