Giorgos Pitsilis

Bookkeeping to go online, sparing companies hefty costs

As of the last quarter of this year, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue is set to start piloting an online bookkeeping system for companies in a bid to spare Greek enterprises the hefty administrative costs of conventional bookkeeping that compromise their competitiveness, the authority's head Giorgos Pitsilis announced on Thursday.

IAPR reports state revenue overrun, drop in rebates due

State revenues exceeded their target last year by at least 420 million euros, according to provisional data for December shared by Independent Authority for Public Revenue Director Giorgos Pitsilis with the agency's employees in a letter.

Pitsilis predicted that the definitive data, due in the coming days, will show an even greater overrun.

'No longer possible' to utilize Lagarde list, says head of revenue authority

The head of Greece's  Independent Authority for Public Revenue admitted on Monday that tax authorities can no longer investigate the so-called Lagarde list for possible tax evaders, following two decisions by the Council of State last year.

In June 2017, the administrative court ruled any tax audits conducted that stretch back beyond a five-year limit are unconstitutional.