Gjorge Ivanov

Prosecutor in FYROM launches probe into Ivanov over name deal

A prosecutor in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) launched on Tuesday a preliminary investigation into President Gjorge Ivanov's refusal to sign off on a law approving a deal signed with Greece on the country's name and a separate one extending the official use of the Albanian language.

Macedonia PM Defies Low Turnout to Push Name Change

AFP - Macedonia's government vowed Monday to push ahead with changing the country's name to appease Greece and build ties with the West, but opponents said low turnout in a referendum on the move made it illegitimate.

Premier Zoran Zaev wants to rename the Balkan state North Macedonia to end a long-running row with Athens and open a path to EU and NATO membership.

Μinutes of FYROM leaders' deliberations seen by Kathimerini

The minutes seen by Kathimerini of meetings between the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's political party leaders about the negotiations with Greece before the name deal was signed in the Prespes lake district in June, indicate that they thought a deal would be easier to sign with a left-wing government in power in Greece.

A referendum for two countries

If the voters of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia approve of the Prespes agreement in Sunday's referendum, then the political tension that now grips our neighbor will immediately move to Greece. If the enemies of the agreement hold sway, and the majority either votes it down or enough voters stay away, then the Greeks will be absolved of responsibility for what happens next.

FYROM sending mixed signals

Ahead of Sunday's crucial referendum on changing the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), the country's political leadership gave conflicting messages to its citizens Thursday, with President Gjorge Ivanov calling for a boycott and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev urging people to get out and vote.