Helen Mirren

Pirelli's new 'feminist' calendar sexes up the wrinkles

Pirelli unveiled its feminist-friendly 2017 calendar Nov. 29 with a galaxy of Hollywood stars daring to show their wrinkles and crow's feet to the camera.

The arty black and white compilation is a world away from the glossy airbrushed images of naked women that traditionally graced garages and men's locker rooms.

10 movies with… real sex scenes

While the vast majority of films rely on body doubles and camerawork to accomplish the illusion of actual sex acts between characters, there are a handful of movies that skip the smoke and mirrors entirely. These movies all contain real sex scenes between their actors. Some of them are extremely explicit and others more subtle. But all of them are unsimulated.

Lie with me (2005)

Women compose the most desirable woman

A photoshopped composition revealed how the most desirable woman would look, according to women.


Apparently, age matters little, since three parts of this “perfect” body belong to women aged 45 or more.


The final result combines the bust of Helen Mirren, Jennifer Aniston’s tummy, and Elle Macpherson’s long legs.