Washington is furious with Pristina: "You will bear the consequences"

Hill added that this will affect relations with Washington, but that he is not familiar with all the details either.
He told reporters in Belgrade and added that progress must be made in the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, the formation of the CSM and the continuation of the dialogue.

Vučić with Hill: I introduced Ambassador with increasingly difficult situation on KiM

"I've introduced Ambassador Hill with the increasingly difficult situation and challenges facing our people in Kosovo and Metohija and reiterated my concern about the frequent attacks, arrests and other pressures to which Serbs are exposed," Vui wrote on his Instagram profile and added:

US diplomat told Serbia: Russia brutally attacked Ukraine, I hope you will understand

According to him, due to the non-introduction of those sanctions, Serbia is paying a high price.
In an interview with Novi Pazar Radio Sto Plus, he said that it is very important that Serbia does not wait to become a member of the EU, but that, in the process of accession, it should align its policy with the EU, including regarding the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

"I would warn the Serbs, this is not their 'Mother Russia'"

Hill added that Serbia still needs to take a good look at where its national interests lie, as he is convinced that sooner or later they will see that they are in the West.
"I would warn the Serbs to understand that this is not their 'Mother Russia', we are dealing with a very different Russia," said the U.S. Ambassador in an interview with Serbian Radio and Television last night.

Vučić met with Christopher Hill: I reiterated Serbia's consistent position PHOTO

"A meaningful and precise conversation with Ambassador Hill about the situation after the last round of talks in Brussels. I reiterated the consistent position of Serbia, which continues to make every effort to find a compromise solution to maintain peace and stability," wrote Vui on Instagram.