Ibrahim Shala

Kosovo Hikes Defence Budget to Fund New Army

Kosovo's Defence Ministry will have six million more euros to spend in the 2019 budget than it had last year - after the country's parliament voted to expand the competences of the current lightly armed Kosovo Security Force, KSF, and start its transformation into a regular army.

The budget planned for defence in 2019 is 58.7 million euros; the previous year it was 52.3 million.

Explosive Device Found on Kosovo Security Force Member's Property

The spokesperson of the Kosovo Security Force Ministry, Ibrahim Shala, confirmed on Sunday that an explosive device was found strapped to a tree on the property of a member of Kosovo Security Force, KSF, on Saturday evening in Serb-run North Mitrovica in northern Kosovo.

Belgrade 'Pressured' Serbs to Quit Kosovo Security Force

Following the resignation of a number of Serbian members of the Kosovo Security Force, KSF, the Kosovar Center for Security Studies, KCSS, has published a report blaming Serbian government pressure.

According to the KCSS, the pressure on Serbian KSF members and their mass withdrawal constituted an act of "brutal interference" by Serbia with a Kosovo state institution.

Serb Members of Kosovo Security Force Threatened

Kosovo Police have launched an investigation after the town of Zubin Potok, in Serb-run northern Kosovo, was plastered with pamphlets saying members of the local Serbian community members who worked for the Kosovo Security Forces, KSF, would be dealt with.

The pamphlet was signed by an unknown group called Severna Armija [Northern Army].