Iliana Yotova

Bulgarian President: In the Coming Years I will watch over Bulgaria Not to Deviate from the Path

"In the coming years, I will watch over the country not to deviate from the path. I will stand for sovereignty, law, security and justice. Because this is our long-term and irrevocable mission. Political change is only the first step. More trials await us." This was stated by President Rumen Radev at his inauguration ceremony.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and VP Iliana Yotova were Sworn In for their Second Term

President Rumen Radev and Vice President Iliana Yotova were sworn in for their second term at a solemn ceremony in the National Assembly.

The two, as well as all officials present in the plenary hall, were welcomed by a representative guard company at the central entrance of the National Assembly.

With 99.82% Processed Protocols: Rumen Radev is with 66.70%. Anastas Gerdjikov with 31.82%

Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova received 66.70%, Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva - 31.82%. This is shown by the CEC data for processed 99.82% SEC protocols in the REC. 1,537,347 voters voted for Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova. For Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva the votes are 733 307. With the option "I do not support anyone" voted 34 092 voters, or 1.48%.

Today is a Day of Reflection before Second Round of Presidential Election in Bulgaria

Today is a day of reflection before the second round of the presidential election. On this day, political agitation and the publication of sociological data on the attitudes of voters is prohibited. The ban lasts from 00.00 today to 20.00 on election day on Sunday.

How will Bulgarians Vote in the Runoff for President (Step by Step Instructions)

How will a Bulgarian vote for the president of the runoff on November 21, when the current head of state Rumen Radev and the GERB-supported Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov will face each other?

To make it easier for voters, last night the Central Election Commission uploaded a voting simulator that shows the voter step by step how to exercise their right to vote on the machine.

Over 40% is the Activity of the Presidential Election. What are the Final Results of the "2 in 1" Vote?

The Central Election Commission has announced the final results of the first round of the presidential election. As of 20.00 on November 14, with 100% processed protocols, the activity was 40.5%.

With 100% of the election protocols processed, the presidential candidate couple Rumen Radev - Iliana Yotova received 49.41% of the votes, and Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva - 22.82%.

Vote Turnout on Nov 14 was 40,50%. Second Round of Presidential Election will be on Nov 21

The CEC has issued a decision officially announcing turnout and scheduling a new election for president and vice president on November 21st.

Out of the total number of voters - 6,691,150, according to data from DG "GRAO" in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, 2,687,307 voters took part in the election day. Turnout was 40.50 percent.

Bulgaria: CEC will Announce the Results of the Presidential Election Today

By the end of the day, the Central Election Commission must announce the final results of the presidential and vice-presidential elections. Its decision for a run-off on November 21 is also expected. The CEC continues to accept the documentation from the district election commissions.

Votes Outside Bulgaria with 78.89% Processed Protocols: DPS received 41.57%

According to the data on the votes outside the country, with 78.89 percent processed SEC protocols, DPS received 41.57 percent of the votes abroad in the elections for the National Assembly, "We Continue the Change" - 20.36 percent, and "There is Such a People" - 10,42 percent, according to the Central Election Commission.

Here are the Election Results in Bulgaria at 42,85 per 100 Processed Protocols

According to the data, 42.85 per 100 of the protocols of the sectional election commissions (SECs) in the regional election commission (REC), "We Continuing the Change" received 25.97 per cent of the votes in the elections for MPs, GERB-SDS - 21.42 percent, DPS - 13, 79 percent, according to the Central Election Commission.