#Europeanelections2019 / INTERVIEW / Ponta: Getting Dragnea replaced as Chamber's speaker, a priority

Pro-Romania national leader Victor Ponta, a candidate in the elections to the European Parliament, tells AGERPRES in an interview that replacing Liviu Dragnea as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies is a priority for the party he leads. "A priority is replacing Mr Dragnea from the Chamber of Deputies (...) Actually, Achilles' heel is there if you want to be successful.

PSD's Dragnea on letter from Timmermans: None of the articles in law adopted by Parliament are unconstitutional

Speaker of the Deputies' Chamber Liviu Dragnea has stated that none of the articles recently adopted by Parliament in the justice laws violates "such principles or existing articles of the Criminal Codes" in the EU states.

PSD's Dragnea says ruling coalition needs to clarify discontent with JusMin Toader

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule, Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday that the situation of Justice Minister Tudorel Toader will be discussed together with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila inside the ruling coalition, adding that there is a state of discontent with the minister that has to be clarified next week "one way or another." "We have made the decision, firs