Jean-Claude Juncker

Hungary’s Populist PM Seen Back on the Offensive in 2020

"There is a strong view inside the upper circles of the governing party that if they do not change the line, they may fail in 2022," Gabor Torok, a leading political analyst, told Nepszava daily.

Fidesz has already lured back Orban's longtime spin doctor, Arpad Habony, from his London retreat — to lead a new political offensive and demolish the opposition for good, insiders say.

Harness the Outrage Triggered by Macron’s Enlargement Veto

Macron's 'Non' triggered a deluge of analyses and op-eds explaining how the French position would undermine the successes of North Macedonia and Albania, that it dealt huge damage to EU credibility in the Western Balkans and cast a shadow over the region's European perspective, supposedly set in stone in Thessaloniki 16 years ago.

IOCN's Achimas-Cadariu talks about issue of cervical cancer in Romania at the World Health Summit

Medical Director of the Oncology Institute in Cluj Napoca (IOCN) Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu talked about the high incidence of cervical cancer in Romania at the World Health Summit 2019, the most important forum worldwide in terms of health policies.

Vucic: We Want EU Membership, but also Good Relations with the Others

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia wants EU membership but that it will build good relations with others on its European path. This happened after his meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Khan in Brussels, MIA news reported. Vucic added that Serbia is a sovereign state and so it will be.