Jessica Alba

Hot Jessica Alba dances in new movie ‘Dear Eleanor’ (hot video+photos)

It can’t be explained otherwise. Jessica Alba has made some mysterious pact with time. The stunning Hollywood actress celebrated her 35th birthday just recently, but the raunchy MILF can put any 20 year old to shame, judging from a hot trailer released of the film ‘Dear Eleanor’. It shows Alba performing a sensual dance with a hoop to the the pleasure of al the males.

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Has Jessica still got. Absolutely! (stunning pics+vid!)

If you are a fan of Frank Miller’s dark comics, then you would have have loved the two blockbuster film adaptation of his comic, “Sin City 1 & 2”. If you are especially a fan of sexy actress Jessica Alba, it not easy to forget the scene where the sensual Nancy (her character’s name) performs a hot dance with the lasso for the frequents of the club.