Jesus Christ

Happy Easter!

We celebrate one of the greatest Christian feast - the Resurrection of Christ. In the Christian religion of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated on the third day after being crucified and buried. The empty tomb was seen by the women who were visiting the tomb. Then Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and to the apostles.

The Holy Week Begins!

The Holy Week for Orthodox Christians begins on Monday after Palm Sunday.

The last week of Lent is called the Holy Week because it is dedicated to the memories of the last days of the earthly life of the Christian savior Jesus Christ - his sufferings, the death of Jesus by crucifixion and his burial.

Crown Custodian's Palm Sunday message: A sunny, soul-warming day

Custodian of the Crown of Romania, Princess Margareta, addressed a video message of hope and soul-warming experiences to all those who bear flower-derived names and who by tradition celebrate name day on Palm Sunday. "Today is Palm Sunday, the day our Lord Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem.

Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest: Pain-ridden Easter, yet final tidings the same - Christ Is Risen!

This year's Easter celebration will be pain-ridden and different for the entire Christian world, but the final tidings will be the same - "Christ Is Risen!," writes Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest Aurel Perca in his Easter Pastoral Letter.

Korean Sect Leader Facing Coronavirus Backlash Had Balkan Operations

The 88-year-old leader of the church, Lee Man-hee, who claims he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, is also chairman of an organisation called Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, HWPL, and which has been active in North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.