Joseph Biden

US military ready for war? The Biden administration made an urgent announcement

They cited four knowledgeable officials who asked to remain anonymous.
The portal says that some officials in Washington believe that the war in Gaza has escalated far beyond the borders of the Strip, a scenario that the US has been trying to avoid for months.

"Beggar from Kyiv"

"Zelensky's trip turned out to be in vain. He failed to convince them that Ukraine is more important than the security of the United States of America. Everyone is tired of the beggars from Kyiv," said the Russian diplomat, reports Sputnik.
Antonov assessed that nothing can help Zelensky anymore, neither further Western sanctions against Russia, nor new arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Ukrainians made a breakthrough? "We liberated 50 percent of the territory..."

The Ukrainian President said this at a joint press conference with Joseph Biden.
"We have already made significant progress. We have shown that our partnership is stronger than any Russian hostility," Zelensky said and stated that Ukraine had liberated 50 percent of the territories occupied by Russia.

Viktor Orbán's secret plan revealed

"Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn's allies will meet in Washington with Republicans behind closed doors to end the allocation of US military support to Ukraine," the text states.
Some Republican members of Congress have been invited to take part in the closed-door talks, a Republican source told the British newspaper.

They conduct fierce attacks; They fell into an ambush - a terrible shooting VIDEO

Russian troops attack Ukrainian positions around Kherson, Kupyansk and Avdeyevka.
During the night, the Ukrainian air defense shot down ballistic missiles over Kyiv. "Shahed" drone attack in southern Ukraine.

Biden invited Zelensky to a meeting at the White House on December 12

The last warning fell flat; If Ukraine falls, American troops will fight the Russians

"Congress must approve additional funds for Ukraine before members go on vacation. It's simple," said U.S. President Joseph Biden.
By refusing to do so, Biden added, Congress is willing to give Putin the biggest gift he could hope for.
Biden recalled Russia's war crimes in Ukraine, from the abduction of children to the destruction of civilian infrastructure.

Xi has arrived VIDEO

The presidents of the United States of America and China, Joseph Biden and Xi Jinping, will meet today at the Filoli estate, 30 miles south of San Francisco, where they will discuss bilateral and global issues for about four hours, sources familiar with the plan of the meeting told the Voice of America (VOA).

The soldiers are on their way, fierce battles are coming? VIDEO

Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that there will be no ceasefire or fuel delivery to the Gaza Strip until Hamas releases all Israeli prisoners.
On the other hand, U.S. President Joseph Biden asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a temporary pause in Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip.