Kadri Veseli

Snap Election Won't Solve Kosovo's Crises, Experts Warn

Kosovo analysts are divided on whether mulled snap elections can help Kosovo resolve key challenges, such as border demarcation with Montenegro, visa liberalization with the EU and establishing an Association of Serb majority municipalities, which is part of the country's EU integration process.

Kosovo Parliament Sets Date for Presidential Vote

Opposition MPs in Kosovo again let off tear gas in parliament on Wednesday during a meeting of the Steering Committee, which met to decide the date to elect a new president.

The speaker, Kadri Veseli announced that the vote would take place on Friday, with Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci as the main candidate for the post.

Amid Political Turmoil, Kosovo Parliament Extends Holiday

The chairman of parliament, Kadri Veseli, said on Monday that the date of the next assembly session is yet to be decided because MPs' holidays have been extended until next month.

"Many members of parliament are abroad until February, and we are planning to hold a presidency meeting by the beginning of February to decide on the dates of the parliamentary sessions," Veseli said.