Bosnian Serb Ex-Fighter’s Crimes Against Humanity Trial Opens

Former Territorial Defence fighter Milan Trisic went on trial at the Bosnian state court on Wednesday, accused of committing crimes against humanity in the village of Hranca and in the town of Bratunac in 1992.

He is accused of participating in the persecution of Bosniak civilians from the village and of involvement in murders, detentions, forcible disappearances and torture.

Bosnia: Radovan Karadzic’s Conviction Highlights Entrenched Divisions

"He deserved nothing less than life imprisonment," said Nura Alispahic from Srebrenica, whose two sons were killed.

The verdict was also welcomed by Bosniak politicians - but political leaders in the country's Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity said it proved that the UN court was anti-Serb.

Migrants move into Radovan Karadzic's apartment

These reports quote neighbors who said the migrants broke into one of the apartments on the ground floor of a building where Karadzic's wife has her apartment, and then into another, where the family lived until the spring of 1992.

The neighbors claim they saw the migrants break into "one of the apartments" and stayed there.

Dick Advocaat is new coach of Serbian football team

Dick Advocaat is new coach of Serbian football team

BELGRADE -- Dutch football coach Dick Advocaat will take over the Serbian national team, Serbian Football Association (FSS) President Tomislav Karadžić has confirmed.

Advocaat will take over from Ljubiša Drulović, who was acting coach of Serbia after Siniša Mihajlović left.