Man charged with attempted violence against politicians

A prosecutor brought felony charges of attempted violence against a political body, the government or its members against a man for allegedly sending threatening messages to lawmakers who have said they will support the Prespes deal.

The 63-year-old suspect, a former Navy officer, was given time until Thursday morning to appear before an investigative magistrate.

July budget targets missed as taxpayers fail to pay first installment

Finance Ministry data released on Thursday confirm there is a black hole in state revenues for the month of July, mainly due to a large number of people not having paid the first installment of their additional income tax.

Net revenues for July amounted to 4.931 billion euros - 756 million below the target set in the medium-term program for 2018-21.

What is the most common name in Greece? (maps)

Newspaper Independent published a map listing of the most common names across Europe. The data comes from Wikiwand and revealed that George was the most popular name given to males in Greece, with Maria topping the list for females. John and Konstantinos came in 2nd and 3r, respectively, while Eleni and Katerina made up the top 3 for women.   

8 residents of tiny, picturesque isle considered as non-existent by local govt

Modern Greek bureaucracy and petty partisan interests appear to have again reared their “ugly head”, with the eight residents of the remote isle of Levitha essentially considered as “non entities” by the municipality Leros, part of a bid to characterize the isle as uninhabited.

What will Greeks vote on Sunday’s referendum?

The Guardian asked 100 Greeks what they would vote for and why on the country’s Sunday referendum. Angelino, a university student will vote “No” explaining that after 5 months of talks with Greece’s EU partners the Greek government has nothing more to negotiate. Katerina, a chemist will force herself to vote “Yes” as she says.

Greek family’s American dream turns awry with quadruple murder (facts, photos + videos)

Amy and Philip Savopoulos, aged 47 and 46 years respectively, their 10-year-old son Philip and 57-year-old housekeeper from El Salvador were identified as the victims of the upscale Washington D.C. fire – not far from Joe Biden’s residence – on Thursday.