Katerina Stikoudi

10 Greek babes your GF should never know you follow on Instagram! (photos)

Their Instagram profiles are definitely not suitable for the work environment, since pointing out they are a serious distraction is an understatement. Let’s say you could get a sneak peek at work if you are extra cautious and have a few buddies on the lookout, but you have no chance of getting passed your better half.

Of course my breasts are natural, says Katerina Stikoudi! (photo-video)

It is no surprise that whenever Katerina Stikoudi makes a public appearance she nearly always ends up being the favourite subject for the paparazzi. Once again all eyes were on the sexy Greek singer during her latest outing, as she was wearing a provocative low cut dress at the fashion show of “Miro”. One of the many reporters that swarmed her asked if her breasts were natural.

What a change for Katerina Stikoudi! (video)

Sexy Greek pop singer Katerina Stikoudi has adopted varying hair styles for the purpose of her numerous music video clips, but regardless of the look she followed she always had long hair. So it came as some surprise when the talented singer showed up sporting a bold change on her head. Katerina appeared in a short coupe!

Katerina Stikoudi shows off perfect body in photo-shoot (photos)

Hot Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi gave her 228 thousand Instagram followers something to cheer about after posting some photos of her recent photo-shoot for magazine DownTown. In one she is wearing a yellow one-piece swimsuit, while in the other she flaunts her perfect physique holding onto a dancing pole.


Hot Katerina Stikoudi in sexy jean shorts (video)

Hot Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi definitely knows how to keep her social media fans happy. In her latest post on her Instagram profile, sexy Katerina rocked her booty in a pair of tight high cropped jean shorts.
Smiling and sexier than ever, Stikoudi sported a white t-shirt and a pair of high heels and put on a sensual dance to the delight of her many followers.

Hot Katerina Stikoudi enjoys a swim in her sexy bikini (photos)

George Clooney might have the best face according to the Greek golden ratio, but we bet if the same rule was applied for female bodies, Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi woule probably be near perfect. Whether she wears a tiny bikini or a one-piece swim suit, sexy Katerina simply looks perfect.

Hot Katerina Stikoudi and her perfect body (photos)

Apart from her great voice, sexy Greek pop singer Katerina Stikoudi is famous for her perfect physique. The beautiful and talented performer, also known in Greece as “the body” (for obvious reasons) has a large Instagram following and always keeps her fans happy with frequent post. Especially now that summer is here…