COVID-19 in Bulgaria: From Now on no Need for Signature of Informed Consent before Vaccination

From now on, informed consent will not be required for vaccination against COVID-19. This was announced by the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

The topic was discussed a few days ago with the director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control Andrea Amon. Amon's opinion was that there was no medical requirement to sign such a consent.

Health Minister Katsarov: We Succeeded, We Broke the Wave

"We broke the wave. The number of infected is decreasing, and that of vaccinated and tested is increasing. The number of people in hospitals is declining. We succeeded! The green certificates in the way they were introduced have done their job ", said the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov to Nova TV.

Bulgarian Prof. Kantardzhiev: Number of Deaths from Covid will Increase for some Time to Come

Currently, 113,000 people are actively ill with COVID-19, which has never been the case. What the ministry brags about, the directors of the hospitals say just the opposite. This was stated in "The day begins with Georgi Lyubenov" by the epidemiologist Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev.

Green Certificate for Antibodies Finally Approved in Bulgaria. But from When?

From Thursday, November 11, green certificates obtained after antibody testing will be introduced. This was announced at a briefing today by the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

The certificate will be for people who have had Covid asymptomatically, or for those who have tested themselves with a test from the pharmacy.

Violate the Green Pass – 5 years in Prison and a Fine up to BGN 50,000

Inspectors who monitor compliance with the new anti-epidemic measures will need to have a green certificate. Upon finding serious violations, they will "immediately send a signal to the prosecutor's office to conduct an inspection for the presence of a crime under Article 355 of the Criminal Code.

Bulgaria Restaurateurs Brace for Further Protests against Anti-covid Restrictions

If Katsarov does not cancel his order restricting restaurants and nightlife venues, we will block the entire country together with our colleagues from the transport industry, This is a moronic step and humiliation for our branch after we have written countless letters and made countless protests. Having made it very clear why Baltova and Katsarov have no place in this government.