Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s leader watches a missile eject from underwater (vid)

North Korea released a video showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watching a missile eject from underwater, going up vertically into the air, just three days after the country stated that it conducted a hydrogen bomb test.

The video is not dated, but the reporter says the launch was conducted in December.

North Korea says successfully conducts first H-bomb test

North Korea said it successfully tested a miniaturised hydrogen nuclear device on Jan. 6, claiming a significant advance in the isolated state's strike capability and setting off alarm bells in Japan and South Korea.

The test, the fourth time North Korea has exploded a nuclear device, was ordered by young leader Kim Jong Un, state media said. 

Top 20 worst vacation spots in the world

Time to play your summer holidays. You’re looking at prices, plans, accommodations and transportation options. But sometimes, vacations can turn into a nightmare. Thus, state organizations and NGOs in the UK and the US put together a catalogue with the most dangerous vacation spots on the planet. Visit them if you will, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Egypt bans biblical epic ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’

Egypt has banned Hollywood’s big screen biblical epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” a 20th Century Fox spokesman has said to Reuters. The studio owned by 21st Century Fox Inc. declined to give a reason for the ban, but films that depict biblical figures have been prohibited before in the Muslim country.